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Sanjaya's An Ass - American Idol Talk

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Everyone's wondering why that blonde little girl, supposedly named Ashley, cried on last night's American Idol episode over Sanjaya of all people. Some speculate that something'wrong with the child, but that's not it. She's young, a tween, and Sanjaya appeals to young girls. It's the teen idol/bishonen phenomena.

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Sanjaya is a 17 year old Indian-American kid on American Idol. He was pretty good during his audition, but that was apparently the only song he really knew how to sing well and he's been singing very badly ever since. But because of campaigns by and the King of All Media himself, Howard Stern, he gets enough votes to stay on the show and America gets entertained each week by some horrible singing and the shocked faces of the judges as he is saved from elimination and a better singer gets booted from the show.

Please stop voting for Sanjaya, he's obviously not interested in winning, and it makes American Idol painful to watch with him in it past the auditions.

Cathy Seipp Nude Photos

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Cathy Seipp Nude Photos.

Cathy Seipp Nude

Cathy Seipp is a conservative blogger who just passed away of lung cancer. If someone has her nudies, send them in.

From her Blog:

Normally, my byline elicits tears (of joy) for many, but tears nonetheless for all those who see my name in this space. Tonight is one of those times when the tears are shed by me. I just finished corresponding with Maia, and the inevitable will soon happen. Rather than protest the tragedy of Cathy's passing, or offer some hagiographic depiction of her life, I prefer to remember her as she was: a real person who, despite her sometimes tough exterior and opinionated demeanor, was extremely sensitive; worried about her daughter, loved her deeply, despaired (occasionally) about her own illness, and definitely considered herself the patron maven of Los Angeles journalism, in the best sense of the term.

Cancer is a brutal disease; my aunt died from the same strain, never having smoked a cigarette. I went with Cathy, when she was healthier, to chemo on several occasions. It seems incongruous to use these words, healthier and chemo, in the same sentence, but Cathy was truly better during those days than she is now. With just a few notable exceptions, she never spoke about her presumably impending death: she wanted to protect Maia financially, and her other great concern, notably lower on the totem of importance, was that I would wear shorts to her funeral, much to her regret. No need to worry about the former or the latter. Having lost my father less than a year ago, and having an almost congenital loathing of hospitals and funerals, I hope readers will understand my absence at the forthcoming burial. I much prefer to see Maia in better circumstances, over a good meal, and talk about Cathy fondly.

The commenters on the blog today were a veritable honor roll of opinion journalism's finest: Virginia Postrel, Hugh Hewitt, John Podhoretz, Kathryn Lopez and many others. I even emailed Christopher Hitchens about Cathy, since she enjoyed his work. He sends his regards as well. She would have been proud.

UPDATE: You can also go and sign this petitition that a blogger set up. Plus has a keg load of blogs you can read. Check out Amy, Moxie Emmanuelle among others. Also I'd like to thank everyone for their time and energy in commenting and being there for my mother's family, friends, and fans alike. Thank you so much. As of now, my mother has been fighting 48+ hours and is hanging in there and is still peacefully dozing.