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A Good Man in Africa - Naked Daphe Greenwood

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A Good Man in Africa with naked Daphne Greenwood.

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Comedy. Cast Colin Friels as Morgan Leafy, 1st Secretary of the High Commissioner, Sean Connery as Dr. Alex Murray, John Lithgow as Arthur Fanshawe, British High Commissioner, Diana Rigg as Chloe Fanshawe, Louis Gossett Jr. as Prof. Sam Adekunle, Joanne Whalley as Celia Adekunle (as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer), Sarah-Jane Fenton as Priscilla Fanshawe, Maynard Eziashi as Friday, Leafy's Houseman, Jeremy Crutchley as Dalmire, Jackie Mofokeng as Hazel, Leafy's Mistress, Daphne Greenwood as Duchess, Themba Ndaba as Kojo, David Phetoe as Isaiah, Dambuza Mdledle as Sonny, Hazel's Brother, and Lillian Dube as Innocence, Maid who was struck by lightning.

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